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  • Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

  • Teamsters Local 238

  • Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Building Trades Council

  • Laborers International Union of North America Local 43

  • Carpenters Union Local 1260

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 405

Greg Hearns, former president of Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Greg Hearns

For the last eleven years, I've been both a witness and supporter of Mazahir's journey to transition Iowa City into a more inclusive and welcoming community. Her hard work and determination have led to many positive outcomes for the underserved members of our community. I have no doubt that she will continue to do great things when she's elected this November. That's why I will continue to support Mazahir for City Council. Greg Hearns former president of Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Jody and Ron  

Ron Clark and I are proud to support Mazahir’s return to City Council.  From her founding of the Center for Worker Justice, her historic election to Council in 2017, and her recent founding of the Immigrant Welcome Network, she has been a tireless advocate for a more affordable, fair, and inclusive Iowa City.  Her unique perspective provides a crucial voice to Council considerations. -  Jody Hovland 

Jody (Ron) Clark.jpg
Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Iowa Board of Supervisors

Rod Sullivan

Mazahir Salih is a fierce advocate. You want her on your side if you are trying to get something done. I have greatly appreciated her focus on poverty, affordable housing, wage theft, and other matters that deeply impact our poorest neighbors. I support Mazahir for Council, and I hope you will, too!  - Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Board of Supervisors

Shawn Harmsen

I feel so fortunate that Mazahir is running again for city council. Not only was her work for accessible transportation, affordable housing, and the rights of marginalized communities something I admire, but she also helped guide Iowa City through some of the most turbulent times since probably the Vietnam War era.  Iowa City was better off for having her on the council then, and we will be better off having her on the council again.  - Shawn Harmsen, Iowa City Council District B

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Alisa Meggitt

My name is Alisa Meggitt and I am endorsing Mazahir for Iowa City City Council for her proven track record of conviction, courage, and commitment.  Too frequently, our local elected officials campaign on noble causes, but lack courage, commitment, and skill to deliver on their vision.  Instead they  prioritize ease and comfort to perpetuate the status quo, privileging  oppressive and harmful power structures that work against the legitimate interest of our community.   

Mazahir stands apart from the rest.  She has core values that compel her to act courageously.   She champions the most vulnerable among us, disregarding power differentials or the herculean measures required to bring truth to power.  Mazahir  possess the courage, conviction and commitment  to disrupt oppressive conditions imposed by unfair and unethical executives.  Mazahir is not afraid  to hold others accountable… even when it’s uncomfortable.   She dedicates countless hours to community service, employing  strategic and community based problem solving strategies. And Mazahir  is willing to embrace discomfort to ensure justice for all - a commitment she has upheld for decades.  

I support  Mazahir because I trust she will deliver on her promise for a more  just, compassionate and sustainable community. -Alisa Meggitt, ICCSD Teacher 2002-2023

Erin Edgar

Mazahir Salih is the creative, compassionate advocate that our community needs. Along with her previous experience on the Iowa City Council, she continually works to create a more affordable, inclusive community. She Co-founded the Center for Worker Justice and the Immigrant Welcome Network of Johnson County, both organizations that advocate for vulnerable community members. I will be voting for Mazahir in our upcoming 2023 Iowa City Council election and encourage you to support her too. - Erin Edgar

Erin Edgar.jpg

David Leshtz

Mazahir is an activist in the best sense of the word, always working to give those in need a helping hand.  Her experience as an elected official has taught her how to make improvements for the entire community, not just individuals.  I’m proud to support her for a second term on the city council. - David Leshtz

Shel Stromquist

Mazahir Salih will bring to City Council an extraordinary record of leadership and commitment to making Iowa City a more livable and humane community.  As a former city council member and as an advocate for the needs of the city’s low income and immigrant communities, she has demonstrated the skills and the perspective needed by the council to fulfill its obligation to govern the city in the interest of all its residents.  I am wholeheartedly in support of her election to the Council and grateful for her willingness to continue her service to the community. -Shel Stromquist

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